Evidence-Driven Legal Help

Leslie Irwin has worked as a family law attorney for more than a decade and has extensive experience with cases involving complex parenting and domestic violence.

Before practicing as a family law attorney, Leslie clerked for two trial court judges who handled only family cases, thereby gaining valuable insight and experience into how dissolution and custody issues are analyzed by the court. Prior to graduating from Seattle University School of Law, Leslie had a successful career as an award-winning investigative journalist for three separate newspapers and an international news organization.

Leslie understands the breakup of a family is a life-changing and stressful event. She knows how difficult that first call to an attorney can be. Her primary focus with new clients is to learn their unique issues, concerns and expectations and work with them to put together a practical and effective plan for achieving their goals.

Leslie brings to any matter she works on an rare energy that serves her clients and the profession well. Her background in investigative journalism provides her with a perspective and a sense of where facts may be found which often prove persuasive for the court.
— Mark Patterson, Probate Attorney

Leslie does not enter into litigation lightly, but should it become necessary, she uses the interview, writing, investigative and analytical skills she honed as a journalist and judicial clerk to tell her client’s story in a compelling and powerful way.

Leslie’s investigative, evidence-driven approach has consistently turned cases around even where the court had previously restricted a client’s access to their children. She has repeatedly secured parenting plans which restored her clients’ full parental rights, and when necessary, obtained orders protecting her clients and their children from the other party.

Leslie has been on the referral list for multiple domestic violence victim agencies for the past 10 years, attends the King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence Family Law Work Group Meetng and Volunteers at the New Beginnings Domestoc Violence Family Law Legal Clinic.